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Milpitas, CA

We have cultivated real estate relationships with multiple agencies, eventually becoming a corporation that utilizes the resources of our team. We employ cameras and lidar technology, storytelling techniques, and high-grade equipment to create visual pieces that enable companies to market their products or locations. We keep it simple; we want our clients to have the highest quality experience possible while spending reasonable time and money to reach their media goals.

Sheharyar Malik capture corp media

Sheharyar Malik


Sheharyar is a highly analytical thinker who has established substantial resources over the past five years as a director and photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is exceptionally conscientious about his work ethic and values because they reflect his identity. Sheharyar loves to learn about all sorts of subjects and advancements, especially in the filmmaking and future technology arenas. He created this multi-media photography agency to make Realtors’ lives easier by providing creative solutions for their photographic residential and commercial needs.

In his downtime, Sheharyar loves to play hockey; he is a die-hard Sharks fan and is always up for anything hockey related! Go Sharks!

Scottie May Jr.

Director of Communications & Marketing

Scottie has been with Capture Corp Media for the past 2 years and makes a strong impact with his adaptive abilities. Scottie is responsible for establishing relationships and developing strategic marketing plans and new client outreach for us. He is a diligent worker, and knowledgeable in working through complex situations and problems and creating positive solutions. Scottie excels in this role by combining his problem-solving techniques with his passion to manifest beautiful imagery, which our clients are thrilled with.

Scottie is a hard worker, a diligent planner, and enjoys having a good laugh! Scottie appreciates the simple things in life like family, friends, and taking great photos.

Scottie May Jr capture corp media

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